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Bowl Scents is Wonderful

I love this product so I had to get the refill bottle to fill my 2 oz bottle and my little traveler unit to carry with me in my purse. 


Bowl Scents really...WORKS!

It WORKS! I LOVE these products. Now when myself or my Hubby Bear goes poop we can't smell a thing. 


Awesome Product!

This is an amazing product! It eliminates bad odors with a mild pleasant smell of essential oils, not over powering or too strong,


Cucumber Melon

Much better product than big name brand. I have bought the “name brand” and the pump clogs up, Love the melon scent.

Bama Girl

Travel Friendly

Works great and super convenient for travel. I keep one in my purse and one for trips. The smell is nice and not obnoxious.


Happy Girlfriend

Awesome product now my Girlfriend's happy no more smelly stench from me or my roommate. We'll take the small travel size to hotel next Vegas getaway.


New and Unique

I’ve used a few different brands of this type of product. I was hopeful when I saw this Cucumber Melon scent - something not just different and new but unique. This did not let me down!!


Pre-Poop Spray

Discover the latest must-have for every household - Pre-Poop Sprays! Bowl Scents brings you a diverserange of options, perfectly tailored to suit everyone's needs and preferences. Rest assured, our lab-tested products, proudly made in the USA, guarantee unrivaled effectiveness and quality with ourpowerful essential oil formula. Choose from an array of sizes and captivating scents like CucumberMelon, Citrus, and Apple Blossom to match your personal preference and usage. Upgrade your hygieneroutine with Bowl Scents today!


What is a Pre-Poop Toilet Spray?
A Pre-Poop Toilet Spray is a specialized product designed to be sprayed into the toilet bowl before using it. Its unique formula creates a protective barrier on the water's surface to trap and neutralize odorous particles before they are released into the air during bowel movements. This proactive approach helps prevent unwanted bathroom odors and promotes a fresher, more pleasant restroom experience.

How does Bowl Scents Spray work?
Pre-Poop Toilet Spray contains essential oils and other active ingredients that are responsible for trapping and neutralizing unpleasant odors. When sprayed onto the water in the toilet bowl, the spray creates a thin film that covers the water's surface. When you use the toilet, any odors released are captured by this film, preventing them from escaping into the air. As a result, the bathroom remains fresh and odor-free.

Is the Spray safe to use?

Yes, Pre-Poop Toilet Spray is generally safe to use as directed. The ingredients used in these sprays are typically non-toxic and safe for septic systems. However, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and avoid direct contact with the skin or eyes. If you have allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients, it's advisable to check the product label for any potential allergens before use.

Can I use Pre-Poop Toilet Spray in any toilet?
Yes, Pre-Poop Toilet Spray is designed to be used in all types of toilets, including standard residential toilets and public restroom facilities. The spray's effectiveness is not dependent on the type of toilet and works by creating a barrier on the water's surface, regardless of the toilet's design.

How much After Poop Toilet Spray should I use?

The amount of spray needed can vary. However, we recommend spraying 3-5 times directly into the toilet bowl before using it. The goal is to create a sufficient barrier on the water's surface to effectively trap odors.

Are Bowl Scents Sprays environmentally friendly?
Bowl Scents products are proudly Made in the USA and are refillable, reducing waste in landfills. They are also Alcohol and Aerosol free.

Can I travel with Bowl Scents Toilet Spray?
Yes, the Toilet Spray is travel-friendly and can be easily carried in your bag or luggage. Bowl Scents offers compact and portable spray bottles that comply with travel regulations. Whether you are on a road trip or flying to a new destination, having your Pre-Poop Toilet Spray handy ensures you can maintain freshness and confidence wherever you go.

Does Pre-Poop Toilet Spray replace the need for air fresheners?
Pre-Poop Toilet Spray is specifically designed to address bathroom odors at their source, and its primary function is to neutralize odors in the toilet bowl. While it can significantly reduce or eliminate unpleasant smells during use, some people may still prefer to use air fresheners or scented candles to add a pleasant fragrance to the restroom after use.

Is it suitable for everyone?
After Poop Toilet Spray is generally suitable for most individuals. However, if you have allergies or sensitivities to specific ingredients, it's essential to check the product label before use. Additionally, some people may prefer not to use scented products due to personal preferences or medical conditions