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A: Bowl Scents is:

  • Alcohol Free

  • Aerosol Free

  • Eco-Friendly Refillable & Reusable

  • Made with Essential Oil Blends

  • Not Tested on Animals  

Q: Bowl Scents eco-friendly refillable bottles versus Aerosol Sprays?
A: Canned aerosol sprays can be harmful to the environment and the ozone layer. All Bowl Scents products are refillable creating less waste in landfills and saving you cost.

Q: Speaking of smells and scents, what kind of scents does Bowl Scents come in?A: We offer 4 wonderful fragrances now like Cucumber Melon, Sweet Citrus, Apple Blossom and Floral Rose. 

How Do I Use Bowl Scents?

Q: How do I use Bowl Scents to the best of my ability?
A: To get the best results you need to:

  • #1) Spritz or spray the toilet bowl surface before sitting down to use.

  • #2) Sit down on the toilet, the loo, the latrine, the outhouse or a  hole in the ground and take care of your business without worrying about nasty offensive odors in the airspace.

  • #3) Go and Flush, you'll Leave a pleasant mild scent not overpowering.

How Do I Share Bowl Scents Product with My Family and Friends?

A: You can copy and paste our website link below or find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using links on our website footer.
Here is our website address:

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And stay tuned for more to come………

Q: What sizes do you offer?
A: We offer the following sizes for your convenience.

  • On the go Bowl Scents Traveler 5 ml or 8 ml Traveler

  • 2 oz Bowl Scents Mini Bottle

  • 5 oz Home or Office Bottle

  • 8 oz Home or Office Refill Bottle  

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Q: How do I expect it to be shipped?
A: We ship your package out the same day via FREE SHIPPING!!!