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Bowl Scents is an Aromatic Pre-Toilet spray that prevents stinky Poop smell before it begins. Easy to use just Spritz, Sit & Go! Creates an odor blocking layer on the toilet water surface trapping nasty embarrassing smells in the bowl. Simply flush and walk out of the bathroom with your head held high knowing your stuff don't stink. Use any bathroom with confidence, no more waiting to get home. Lab Tested unique essential oil blended formula that sprays in the bowl, not the Air. Alcohol and Aerosol free, all bottles Refillable and Eco-friendly to reduce waste in our Nation's landfills. Bowl Scents makes Sense and it's Proudly Made in USA.


Use for home, office, dating, family gatherings, weekend getaways with that special someone and Leave Fresh Scents Behind®


  • Alcohol & Aerosol free, leaves a mild fresh scent not overpowering 
  • Fits in pocket or purse, portable and TSA Friendly for Travel or
  • Eco-Friendly all our quality sprayers are refillable & reusable 
  • See our Refill Bottle listing to save cost and reduce waste
  • Our Traveler units come with unique "No Touch Tool Base"