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Bowl Scents Pre-Toilet Spray - Trap Nasty Odor in the Bowl  - Alcohol and Aerosol Free, refillable and Made in USA
2oz Mini - Refillable - Bowl Scents, LLC
Avoid nasty poop smell at Home or Office use Bowl Scents - easy to use and fits in pocket or purse- refillable and eco-friendly, alcohol and aerosol free Made in USA
2oz Mini - Refillable - Bowl Scents, LLC
No need to worry about Nasty Poop smell with Bowl Scents it traps stinky odors in the bowl
Bowl Scents 2 oz mini prevents nasty poop smells. Just spray into the bowl before you sit. It traps smell odor in the bowl. Now use any bathroom with confidence
Bowl Scents Poop Spray - Stop stinky odor before it begins - easy to use just spritz, sit and go - refillable, eco-friendly and Made in USA
Bowl Scents Toilet Spray - Blocks Nasty Poop Smells in the Bathroom - easy to use just spritz, sit and go. Sprays in the bowl not the air - alcohol and aerosol free, refillable and Made in USA
Ladies use Bowl Scents , it prevents Nasty Poop Smell Before it Begins

2oz Mini - Refillable

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Bowl Scents 2 oz Toilet Spray prevents nasty Poop Smell, easy to use just spritz before you sit, creates an odor blocking layer on the toilet water surface, using a unique Essential Oil Blended Formula. Leaves a mild fresh scent not overpowering, alcohol, aerosol free, never tested on animals. Refillable to reduce waste, eco-friendly, fits in pocket or purse. Made in USA


  • Easy to use just Spritz before you Sit, Prevents Embarrassing Poop Smell
  • Now use any bathroom with Confidence, no more waiting to get home 
  • Sprays in the Bowl not the Air, leaves a mild fresh scent not overpowering
  • Alcohol, Aerosol Free, Refillable bottles to reduce waste, Made in USA