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Bowl Scents 2 oz mini with Traveler plus No Contact Brass tool base, antimicrobial brass no touch to avoid surfaces
Sweet Citrus 2 oz + Traveler - Bowl Scents, LLC
Bowl Scents Pre-Poop Toilet Spray - Great for Home or Office, Travel or Dating.
Bowl Scents mini Traveler with No Contact Brass tool base, antimicrobial brass no touch to avoid surfaces
Bowl Scent 2 oz mini - Fits in Pocket or Purse Prevents Nasty Poop Smell before it begins. Refillable and Eco-friendly Pre-Toilet Spray
Bowl Scents Pre-Poop Toilet Spray | Spritz, Sit & Go | Prevent smelly odor before it begins
Bowl Scents Apple Blossom - Pre Poop Toilet Spray Traps Nasty Odor in the Bowl
Bowl Scents Cucumber Melon Pre-Poo Toilet Spray Traps smelly Odor in the toilet Bowl
Bowl Scents Floral Rose Pre-Poop Spray - Traps stinky Bathroom Odor in Toilet Bowl

Sweet Citrus 2 oz + Traveler

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Bowl Scents Pre-Poop Toilet Spray prevents Nasty Poop Smell Before it begins. Lab Tested highly effective Pre-Toilet spray creates an odor blocking layer on the waters surface using a unique Essential Oil Blended Formula. Leaves behind a mild fresh scent, you'll love not overpowering like other products or aerosols. Alcohol and Aerosol free never tested on Animals. Made in USA


  • Trap Stinky Poop Smell in the Bowl at the Source. Portable & Compact
  • Alcohol Free | Aerosol Free | Refillable and Eco-Friendly | Made in the USA
  • Traveler comes with No Touch Brass Base to help reduce contact with fingers 
  • Use any Toilet with Confidence no more waiting to get home to your Bathroom
  • Spray in the Bowl not in the Air. Eco-friendly and Refillable bottles to reduce waste

Easy to Use: Spritz directly into toilet bowl before sitting down to handle your # 2 business then Flush.